Jack Brutus Alan Clyde Muzyka-Chiswell


Regretfully on December 13, 2011 we had to say good bye to our much loved “handsome man” Jack. Jack was an absolutely amazing dog! For anyone who attended the BTPRMB playgroup meet-ups, I’m sure you had the pleasure of meeting our little guy. Jack absolutely loved everyone! At times Jack was alot to handle, especially when we had to chase him around the dog park to get him to come into the car to go home; but to see the happiness in his face when he met other humans and greeted other animals made the chase worth it.
From day one Jack had a personality like no other. There was nothing that made him happier than running around, greeting people, and chasing other dogs. Getting his attention wasn’t always the easiest thing to do. During his first try at puppy obedience classes, there wasn’t a 12 oz steak in the world that could have helped me get his attention when we were in a room with 8 other owners and dogs. I always knew he heard me, but like any rebellious child, when you have the option to play with your friends or come when your mom calls you, selective hearing tends to kick in.
Jack was extremely intelligent. He learned tricks quickly, and was always willing to perform when called upon. He even mastered the “wave”, “play dead”, and “roll over” in the last years of his life. So whoever said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks was WRONG!

I have 100’s of stories and amazing memories about Jack. It’s not easy to forget the hard times Jack had over the last few months fighting cancer, but through it all his amazing spirit and love for his family shone through right to the end. His love for his family and all of the friends he made over the years never diminished, and is truly a great lesson that I have tried to incorporate in my everyday life. I know it might appear inconvenient at times, but if you could imagine upon your arrival home, being greeted by your human family members with the same energy and passion that your loving dog greets you with, wouldn’t that be amazing? That is one thing Jack never, ever missed doing a day in his life, and it was one of the most amazing feelings to be that loved by this little animal, even on my or his worst day.
Please give your dog, cat, rabbit, or whatever animal you have in your care an extra hug and kiss tonight, and please never forget that in the grand scheme of things we only have these family members around for a short period of time on this earth, and with the amount of love they show us daily, don’t they deserve the same in return?
RIP our little man, we miss you terribly and will never forget you!
The Muzyka-Chiswell Family