Meet Peanut!

Peanut is a super sweet pug and she is also very unique. Peanut is a Hermaphrodite. This means she has both male and female “body parts”. Visibly, you would say Peanut is a female. We feel whatever Peanut wants to be is totally fine with us!

So a little more about Peanut. She is 5 years old and is fawn in color. Peanut was never spayed, by her previous owner because she had never gone into her heat cycle.

On Saturday (July 12th), when Jessica picked Peanut up, she realized, that Peanut had a very difficult time breathing. Peanut was struggling to get air into her lungs. She knew right away that Peanut was suffering from an elongated palate and stenotic nares. Peanut also had lots of rotten teeth that needed to be removed. The infection in her mouth was very prominent and she was drooling badly.

We had previously arranged to bring Peanut into out vet at Southglen Veterinary Clinic for routine vaccines and an exam, but because she was having such a hard time breathing we decided that she would have her surgery later Saturday afternoon.

So Peanut’s surgery went great. She was spayed/neutered successfully. The vet techs took photos during the surgery for us. We definitely were mesmerized by the unique photos and Peanut was our first Hermaphrodite pug. Peanut also had 21 teeth removed during her dental cleaning. This is by far the most amount of teeth removed in any of the pugs who have had dentals done in our care. Prior to surgery, Peanut was already missing 9 teeth. She doesn’t have many teeth left, but once her mouth heals, she will be back to chowing down on kibble again. We will be sure to inform her new family, once she is adopted about how important it will be to keep her remaining teeth healthy.

Peanut is Available for Adoption. We will be waiting a week and half or so for her to heal a bit before she goes on any adoption home visits just yet.

If you are interested in learning more about Peanut, please email us at