bud bud1Meet Buddy!

Buddy is a 4 year old, Male, Fawn Pug. This handsome boy was used as a stud dog prior coming into rescue with his partner Jada.

Buddy has been neutered, had his narrow nostrils widened, elongated palate trimmed, dental cleaning with 11 extractions and had a growth removed (size of a golf ball) from his left hind leg. The growth was sent away to be tested and came back negative. The medical term is “Benign Fibrolimpoma”. It consisted of 70% fat and 30% fibrous tissue. It’s possible that he will have more benign growths in the future, his family will have to check him regularly. Buddy is up to date on vaccines, has been heartworm tested (negative) and on heartworm preventative.

This boy was not in a healthy state when he came to us and didn’t have any social skills. We feel that he spent lots of time in a kennel away from his family and was only with other dogs for breeding. Since he has been in his foster home, Buddy has started positive kennel training and has been working on his house training as well as socializing with other dogs properly. He has been doing very well with his foster siblings which includes: cats, other dogs and birds.

Buddy will need a family that will help him along with his house training, mainly “marking” behavior. In the three weeks he has been in rescue, this boy has already made leaps and bounds!!

Huge THANK YOU to his foster mom Heather and current foster family Susan & Bruce for taking such great care of Buddy!

The adoption fee is $350. If you would like to learn more about Buddy or any of the dogs in our care, please email us at btprmb@gmail.com