282257_599400506751945_482705015_nName:  Toro

Breed: Puggle (3/4 pug, 1/4 beagle)

Date of Birth:  February 5. 2013

Adoption Fee: $450

A little bit about me:

My name is Toro.  My mom (Meeka)  had me and my siblings in rescue.  I’m a very happy-go-lucky puppy.  I was born with a deformed elbow.  That doesn’t slow me down much!!!  When I turn 6 months old, and when I go in for my neuter, I will undergo surgery to have my front leg removed.  I will still be able to jump, run, play and just into mischief (just like my 4 legged friends).  I know the right family that will adopt me and love me even though I’ll only have 3 legs!!!