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Foster a Dog

Our dogs need a place to stay while they wait for they home to stay. We need the help of our wonderful volunteers!

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Boston Terriers

Find out about the breed’s energy levels and why they are known as “The American Gentleman”

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Pugs are known by many names, including the “Mini Mastiff”, “Dutch Mastiff”, “Carlin”, “Mops” or “Dutch Bulldog”.  They are a breed who was bred primarily for companionship, and will seek out your constant companionship.

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Adopt a Dog

See the dogs we have available and if your family could be a dog’s FOREVER home. ALL rescued dogs are spayed/neutered, completely vaccinated and have any medical needs addressed prior to placing them in their new homes.

Foster a Dog

We operate as an all-volunteer based organization and run strictly on donations. We do not have a physical shelter that you can visit. All of our dogs are fostered in volunteer’s homes until they find their new safe, happy and FOREVER home.

Join the Playgroup

Socializing your dog is rewarding for them and you. Your dog gets to play with their furry friends and you get to socialize with other dog lovers. If you have a Boston Terrier, Pug, Bulldog really any medium sized dog that gets along with other dog then this playgroup is for you.